Unless the LORD builds a house, the work of the builders is wasted. (Psalm 127:1)

Yeshua is building a home for you and me. If it were not so, He would have not told us.

This album is a call for this generation – who have never experienced the warmth of a home. This album is an expression of the love inside that home which we all long for. Search for a better place, better life and luxury drives us away from the home. We struggle and fight with the world outside to build a home where we can be at peace. However, the more we build, the more distorted it becomes until at last we stare at it and say, ‘Was this all that I was chasing after all my life.’

Jesus calls His habitation is the only home we can live in. It’s no wonder that inspite of gaining the whole world, we always long for something eternal, something that’s beyond what we are searching for.

Many in this generation live with their parents, who may provide them food, clothing, shelter and education and all that money can buy; but longs to see the father, be with him, tell him their deepest longings and hurts; a generation who is looking for the father who loves them and does not feel ashamed to call them his own.

I pray that these songs would encourage you to shake off the dust and come BACK HOME.

Reading the parable of the Prodigal son from Luke 15:11-32, two things about the heart of the father awes me – Firstly, How did the father recognise a battered, disoriented, son who could not even recognise himself? And from such a distance? He had been gone from home a long time. I believe he had lost everything, even his clothes. His beard and hair had grown so long and shabby that nobody could recognise him. But his father did… from a distance. Is this what Yeshua says about His agape love for us? Secondly, How did the father know that this son of his was coming back home that very day? He received no information from anyone about his son. Watching for his son in the horizon from his doorsteps every day and every moment since he was gone was the only activity that the father did. Such love surpasses all understanding. This is a place which you call YOUR HOME!

The darkest of nights is coming when you cannot walk back home. Come home before it’s too late. Come home before the Lights are off. Come home before you lose yourself in this darkness. Come home, for the celebration is waiting. Heaven awaits you now with open arms.

I encourage you to meditate on this story as you listen to these songs. May His love speak into your heart. May your body, soul and spirit soar into that realm of worship as you sing and dance and COME HOME!


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