Indian Indie/Pop Bands You Should Probably Listen To

It’s possible that you’ve come across some of them but I doubt you’ve heard all 5 of these Amazing Indie Songs. (IF YOU HAVE, please mail me and tell me you love me and I’ll never stop loving you, we could be a perfect match!!) Now I Swear you don’t need to go and Google for “Best Indie Band/Song from India” anymore. We bring you 5 amazing Indie/pop songs from India that you should listen to them RIGHT NOW!


The F16’s- Light Bulbs

           Do yourself a favour and lay down with the lights turned off, close your eyes and let the brilliantly composed music wash over you. The song will literally let you forget everything around you for a while. I personally could not follow all the lines of the song but who cares for the lyrics when the notes are just too melodious!! I never forgot how I fell in love with the song at the first listen. Thanks God we have a digitally designed replay button that do not break with the repeated pressing of the button! This is a Single worth Listening from their debut EP-/KALEIDOSCOPE.

The Light Year Explode- I’m a disco Dancer (Click Here to Listen)

The catchy title of the song may raise your curiosity to just take a look at the song, but I swear it will never deceive you! Your eyes will automatically shut as the song takes you to the chorus; and yeah the whispers before the choruses, I tell you this is better than a sip of cigarette.

You’ll soon find the joy of singing along with the melodious Chorus “Jump scream shake it off, I’m gonna shake it,” and maybe even keep your head moving two and fro following the beats of the bass! Great band, Amazing song!! I never knew I could dance!



Summer Love- White Noise

           Who doesn’t love a song that starts with a light chi-ka-chi-ka chi-ka sounds of the maracas. The song comprises of just the piano and bass playing the same with some clean strings strumming to the amazing vocals. This song best sound when you are alone looking out the window and bring back the memories of the last summer love you had!!The whole song is Awesome; don’t get me wrong, but GODDAMN DO I LOVE THAT CHORUS.

Yesterdrive- Hold On

           Warning: The intro to this song has a killer loop!!They’re just so damn hooky that, even if you did turn them off, they’d still be in your head three days later. The song talks about standing firm during the strong winds of life. That’s how this song wants you to play it: loud, with the air coming at you and sunshine on your side. The song has hit 80,000+ views on YouTube, now it’s time you listen to the amazing song!


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