Urban Inc

Urban Inc

This is Urban Inc. an independent Asian hip hop/rap trio based in Gangtok (Sikkim) India all in their twenties.
Urban Inc. Consists of-

–Thupden Wangchuk Bhutia also known as “Thups” (rapper/singer).

–Tenzing lekchola also known as “Leks” (rapper/singer). and

—Sunny Norden Lepcha also known as “Dj sunny” (dj/music producer).

The quartet appears deep with Urban Inc compositions and their music has a lot of influence that stretch beyond hip hop’s typical simple bass lines samples and scratches, and they does all their writing, singing and composing.

Urban Inc.’s debut album “Rise to the Top” was released on September 2011, and the lead single “Beat the Rain” has a beautifully shot video to go with it. “beat the rain” is the first official hip-hop/rap music video of entire North-east India, they released their 2nd album “Dream High” on 20th of September 2014. There are 13 songs in the album “Dream High” and have released four official music videos from the album dream high. “dream high”, “walk in our shoes”, ”take that” and ”maya”. ”Dream High’’ is off the band’s sophomore album by the same name.

Urban Inc. describes their music as “relating to people from all walks of life” and they spits in both English and vernacular

Urban Inc. Has performed in almost all the cities of India and has done international acts too.

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